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Friday’s Trivia: Actors in Costume

Do you recognize this Acadamy Award nominated actor, aka Captain Planet? Comment to answer today’s trivia question.

Oprah’s Vegan Challenge

Today the Oprah Winfrey Show and 378 of her staffers will begin a one week “vegan challenge”. During this challenge the participants will cut out all animal products including meat and dairy. The show will feature famous vegetarians and Lisa Ling will do a feature inside a beef processing plant.

This isn’t the first time that Oprah as dabbled with veganism. In 2008, she completed a 21 day vegan cleanse. Although the experience did not convert the talk show host, she did feel that it made her more conscious of what she put into her body.

What do you think about veganism being featured on mainstream TV? How long could you last on a vegan diet?

Source: This Dish Vegetarian


Captain Planet Turns 20


Do you remember Captain Planet…..? I do. Captain Planet is celebrating his 20th birthday this year. The brainchild of Ted Turner in 1990, Captain Planet was created to “empower children to make a positive difference in their communities.” The Captain Planet Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating youth about the environment has declared September 15 “National Captain Planet Day”.

Captain Planet was created in Atlanta, GA and the city will celebrate with a series of events which will run through December.

  • The Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell will show original episodes of the Capt. Planet series through Sept. 18.
  • The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Assoc. along with the GA Tech School of Building Construction will host a Green Awareness 5K Run/Walk. Children are invited to come out and win prizes and to take photos with Capt. Planet.
  • The Atlanta City Council has introduced an initiative to set up a fund for the children of the Gulf to recover from the oil spill.
  • The celebrations will end on December 10, with a grand finale celebrity birthday bash at the GA Aquarium

The celebrations are not only meant to commemorate the “birth” of superhero but to inspire a new generation of planeteers.

Thanks to Susan Stewart, Director of the Life University Library for this information.

Photo: Captain Planet



Albert Einstein the Vegetarian

We all know Albert Einstein the scientist, but how much do you know about Albert Einstein the vegetarian? Mr. Einstein was a longtime supporter of vegetarianism and spent the last year of his life as a vegetarian.

He is quoted as saying, “Nothing will benefit human health or increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

As declining health is frequently attributed to poor diet more people are embracing vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. What you think Mr. Einstein meant by this quote? Do you agree? Vegetarians and “non-vegetarians” we would love to hear from you!

Source: International Vegetarian Union

Photo: Stumble Upon

Eco-Friendly Celebrities

Given the popularity of television programs like TMZ and Inside Edition it seems like we can’t get enough of celebrity news. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite eco-friendly celebs and how they’re looking to raise environmental consciousness.

  1.  The Dave Matthews Band offsets pollution produced by their tours by funding projects including tree plantings and constructing wind farms.
  2. Harrison Ford, Vice Chairman of Conservation International, has a Central American ant named for him and has won awards for his environmental efforts.  
  3. Barenaked Ladies and Neil Young run their tour vehicles on biodiesel.
  4. Sting founded a Rainforest Foundation to protect rain forests and the indigenous residents that reside there.
  5. Brad Pitt founded a program to build green homes in New Orleans.
  6. Darryl Hannah owns a solar-powered farm in Colorado.
  7. Vegetarian and PETA supported Alicia Silverstone launched a  “green” website. Check out The Kind Life .
  8. Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson arrived at this years event donning a custom-made tuxedo made of hemp.
  9. Ed Begley Jr. lives in a home entirely powered by the sun and currently has a green living reality show on Planet titled, Living with Ed.
  10. Leonardo DiCaprio opts to fly on commercial flights instead of private jets, drives a hybrid and has an eco-friendly condo in NYC.