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Feature Friday

ATide laundry detergent podss a mother of a young child I thought this was something worthy of sharing with the LIFE community. It seems that there is an alarming new trend of children being poisoned after eating colorful, bite-sized and delicious-looking laundry detergent packs. It seems that  the squishy/colorful/bite-sized/delicious-looking nature of  Tide Pods is just too tempting for many curious tykes to resist. Reports of toddlers mistaking the capsules for candy, eating them and falling gravely ill continue to rise. Ken Wahl, medical director for the IllinoisPoisonCenter states: “I’ve never seen a consumer product that had that degree of injury in a child.” If you purchase laundry pods please make sure they’re stored in child-proof containers or out of the reach of your little ones.



Friday Feature

As part of the Life University’s ongoing commitment to create a sustainable village community, and in conjunction with the University’s recycling initiatives, the IT department is participating in the Apple Recycling Program for Education. The program, sponsored by Apple,will recycle outdated and unwanted Macs, PCs and peripherals from any manufacturer at no charge. To ensure the safety of secured data, all recycled hard drives will be ground into confetti-sized pieces. Upon completion of this process, LIFE will receive a certificate of destruction for the equipment, will certify that all identifying information is destroyed, and that all electronic waste is safely processed in the United States. Because electronic waste (also known as “e-waste”) can contain hazardous materials, it is imperative that it is disposed of properly.

As a pilot program, LIFE’s IT department will recycle more than 55 pieces of equipment and will prevent numerous toxins from reaching the landfill in keeping with its environmental wellness initiative. For more information on this program or sustainability at LIFE please contact

Win a $25 Visa Gift Card

Happy Friday. This week I was reminded that I haven’t had a giveaway in a while. And the reader was correct it has been a while since you had the chance to win a prize. So here it is….

The Prize:  A $25 Visa gift card

The Challenge: The subscriber who signs up the most NEW subscribers between today (August 10) and next Friday (August 17) will win the gift card. This is probably easier than you think. Simply get your (mother, father, sister, brother, friend, co-worker, etc.) to subscribe to the blog. Then email me at or comment on this post with their name. The person to sign up the most people by August 17 at 5pm wins. With the overarching power of social media you are only one Tweet or Facebook message from your gift card. Good Luck!

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Feature Friday

In the spirit of recycling the Purchasing Department is requesting that you return all unused Interdepartmental Delivery envelopes to their office for recirculation. So what do you mean by unused? Well every department needs folders on hand to send mail, but if you have an abundance of envelopes (i.e., a box of envelopes in your copy room that no one uses) they can be shared with other departments who are in need. How do I get them to purchasing? Please place a post-it on the envelopes that says “RECYCLE” and leave them for Mel Burton to collect when he services your area. If you have questions please contact Shannan George, or x4339.

Feature Friday

This is the last installment in our Feature Friday Quiz series. I hope that you have enjoyed the questions and have learned a little in the process. As always there is a reward for your efforts, answer correctly to win 2 – 13 watt (60 watt equivalent) compact fluorescent mini light bulbs. To enter simply comment on this post with the correct answers by noon on Monday, June 4.

Choose the answer you feel is best for the environment.

  1. What type of driver are you?

a.  Aggressive

b.  Calm and collected

c.  Somewhere in between

 2.  You’re hosting a cookout and need to stock up on beer.  At the store, you fill your cart with:

a.  Cans

b.  Bottles

c.  A keg

 3.  After mowing the lawn, what do you do with the clippings?

a.  Leave them in the yard

b.  Bag them and put them out by the curb


Good luck and be on the lookout for the correct answers next week. Have a great weekend.


Feature Friday

Happy Friday! Answer the following questions correctly for a chance to win a Recycled and Recyclable travel mug.  To enter simply comment on this post with the correct answers by noon on Monday, May 14.

Choose the answer you feel is best for the environment.

1. Its lunchtime and you’re late for a meeting so you’re reduced to eating fast food. Do you:

a.  Order at the drive-through


b.  Park and head inside to place your order

2.  So to make up for your fast food lunch, its time for a healthy dinner, salmon. At the fish counter , you choose:

a. Atlantic

b.  Wild caught fromWashington,Oregon or California

c.  Neither you skip the fish counter and buy canned

Good luck and be on the lookout for the correct answers next week. Have a great weekend.


And the winner is………………..

Here are the answers from Friday’s  giveaway.

1. On average, how fast do you drive on the highway:

a.  55 mph

b.  65 mph

c.  75 mph

Fuel efficiency decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. For every 5 mph you drive over 60, you pay an additional 31 cents a gallon. In Atlanta, you could possibly be run over on the highway for going 60 mph but with the current price of gas an additional 31 cents a gallon could also take you out!

2.  When your vehicle needs a bath, do you:

a.  Grab the hose and bucket and do it yourself


b.  Go to a car wash

Washing your car at home creates a toxic brew of oil, gasoline and detergent that enters storm drains and flows directly into rivers, lakes, streams and drinking water supplies. Most commercial car washes use recycled water and drain their used water into a sewer system or oil/water separator.  This way the sludge is treated before it’s discharged into nature. They also tend to use less water than DIY jobs (up to 60% less).

I did get both questions correct this week.  Remember the question asks what is BEST for the environment.

 And the winner is (imaginary drum roll)………

Johanna Newbold

Thanks to all who participated.