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Feature Friday

It’s a new year and the perfect time to introduce our newest installment, Feature Friday. On Friday’s A Sustainable LIFE will feature a noteworthy campus event and/or community member. This is an excellent way to learn about what’s happening around campus and to spotlight people who are doing great things. So if you are aware of an event or person that deserves a “shout out” please send an email to We’ll work include your nominated feature and show how everything (or almost everything) can be related to the environment. After all, this is the Office of Sustainability.

LIFE professor Dr. Ted Carrick and LIFE’s Functional Neurology Clinic were featured in a segment addressing a groundbreaking new therapy for concussions on “The Doctors” television series. The segment was entitled “12 Tricks to Save your Life in 2012.”Dr. Carrick is also part of a team of doctors who cared for Pittsburgh Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby following his recent concussion.

“The Doctors” is internationally syndicated in the U.S. and Canada. If you missed the show, you can view the segment online on The Office of Sustainability would like to congratulate Dr. Carrick and the Functional Neurology Clinic on this achievement.

Wait for it……..did you know that 1 recycled tin can would save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours? I told  you most anything can be related to sustainability.

Green Week Hits NBC

Green is Universal presents its 4th annual Green Week. From November 14th -21st NBC will feature easy ways to help make a difference.


 Football Night in America (7:00pm EST)

Football Night in America kicks off Green Week for the 4th year in a row! Look out for the announcement plus a ‘green’ highlights at NBCU reel


 Today Show (6:00am EST)

Across 4 days, TODAY will have 4 green segments per day. Topics include: green cleaning, green moms, home energy diets, and water.

Days of Our Lives (1:00pm EST)

Chloe (a new mom) will get a visit from her friend, Philip, who brings a gift of eco-friendly, organic diapers.

 Beyond the Barrell (8:00pm EST)

CNBC looks at ways to create new energy sources including a northern California company working to turn toxic emissions into building blocks for tomorrow.

 Chase (10:00pm EST)

Congressman Nevins tells Luke he is there to implement a green initiative to retrofit all U.S. Marshall offices.


Liquid Assets (8:00pm EST)

While some believe water should be the same as air…free for everyone, others see it as the business opportunity of a lifetime. CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera explores a global crisis in the CNBC Original Production “Liquid Assets: The Big Business of Water.”

 Parenthood (10:00pm EST)

Max’s class is creating little houses out of recycled egg cartons.


 Undercovers (8:00pm EST)

Shaw on “Undercovers” gives the workers at Bloom Catering Co. a hard time about not recycling.

 Trash, Inc. (8:00pm EST)

Garbage. It’s everywhere — even in the middle of the oceans — and it’s pure gold for companies like Waste Management and Republic Services who dominate this $52 billion-a-year industry.


 30 Rock (8:30pm EST)

Keep your ears perked for more green jokes from your favorite funny lady, Liz Lemon.

 The Office (9:00pm EST)

Michael attempts to help the planet by recycling.

 Outsourced (9:30pm EST)

In “Outsourced,” Gupta charges his flashlight instead of using chemical batteries.


 Dateline (9:00pm EST)

Will feature an hour long interview with Prince Charles, leading into the Prince’s Harmony special.

 Harmony (10:00pm EST)

A feature film and television special documenting The Prince of Wales efforts to combat climate change and find innovative solutions to the global environmental crisis.


 Notre Dame vs. Army (7:00pm EST)

Will weave in green tips and mentions throughout the 4-hour broadcast.

 Law & Order: Los Angeles (9:00pm EST)

It’s a new coast, but the same crime mystery formula, with a whole lot of green drama where environmental neglect looks like a crime to Detectives Winters (Skeet Ulrich) and Jarusalski (Corey Stoll). The victim is a scientist dedicated to water clean up in Los Angeles County’s polluted creeks and rivers. After word gets out that the scientist knew about his employer’s improper waste disposal practices, clues suggest the corporation’s likely involvement in the murder.

The Suze Orman Show (9:00pm EST)

The program will have an all-green “Can I Afford It?” segment. Callers ask Suze about an $18K solar roof; a $230K Energy Star-certified “Green” Home; a $33K geothermal system; a $700 bicycle; and a Nook.

 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (10:00pm EST)

Keep an eye out for special ‘green’ members of the cast.

 Source: NBC

Wordless Wednesday




Captain Planet Turns 20


Do you remember Captain Planet…..? I do. Captain Planet is celebrating his 20th birthday this year. The brainchild of Ted Turner in 1990, Captain Planet was created to “empower children to make a positive difference in their communities.” The Captain Planet Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating youth about the environment has declared September 15 “National Captain Planet Day”.

Captain Planet was created in Atlanta, GA and the city will celebrate with a series of events which will run through December.

  • The Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell will show original episodes of the Capt. Planet series through Sept. 18.
  • The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Assoc. along with the GA Tech School of Building Construction will host a Green Awareness 5K Run/Walk. Children are invited to come out and win prizes and to take photos with Capt. Planet.
  • The Atlanta City Council has introduced an initiative to set up a fund for the children of the Gulf to recover from the oil spill.
  • The celebrations will end on December 10, with a grand finale celebrity birthday bash at the GA Aquarium

The celebrations are not only meant to commemorate the “birth” of superhero but to inspire a new generation of planeteers.

Thanks to Susan Stewart, Director of the Life University Library for this information.

Photo: Captain Planet



CNN Presents: Toxic America

toxicamerica Must See TV: Toxic America. We Are Making Ourselves Sick.


The Good Human is always keeping us up to date…….CNN is presenting “Toxic America” : We are Making Ourselves Sick. 

This two-part series hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta can be seen on CNN , June 2-3 at 8 pm EST.

 The first part profiles a year-long investigation into Mossville, Louisiana whose citizens believe that toxic chemicals from local plants are making them sick.

The second part investigates Toxic Childhood and how chemicals can be passed to babies during pregnancy.

If you happen to catch this special please return to A Sustainable Life and comment on this post. What’s your opinion of the findings? What did you learn? What topics in the show would you like more information on?  Did your views on chemicals change as a result of what you’ve seen?