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Meatless Monday

In the spirit of the Olympic Games, today’s Meatless Monday tidbit features Venus and Serena Williams. These tennis stars (who happen to be sisters) will compete in both singles and doubles competition at the 2012 London Games.

In August 2011, Venus was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disorder. She currently manages the symptoms with a raw vegan diet. To support her sister, Serena does not eat foods which are off limits to Venus, including meat. Since the sisters live together it means that much of Serena’s diet is vegetarian. What an awesome support system and a healthy kitchen.

Source: Ecorazzi

Wordless Wednesday

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Meatless Monday

Maybe I’m the only one but I had no idea that vegan cruises existed. The Holistic Holiday at Sea sets sail on March 2-9, 2013.

 From the website…

For most vegan travelers, cruising is a daunting if not impossible vacation option. Many of the vegetarian options on traditional cruise ship menus use cheese and butter, or other dairy products, which makes eating vegan while cruising a real nightmare. Holistic Holiday at Sea, a holistic health educational foundation, has created the Holistic Holiday at Sea Vegan Cruise to provide a cruise option for vegans and vegetarians. Each day aboard the seven-day vegan cruise, the guests will dine on specially prepared macrobiotic inspired gourmet vegan meals. The directors of the program bring several well-known vegan and macrobiotic chefs, including executive chef Mark Hanna, to oversee the preparation of the vegan meals onboard the cruise.

Holistic Holiday at Sea’s vegan cruise program offers a lot more for vegan travelers than just vegan meals. The cruise is an all-encompassing educational experience with over 120 classes, workshops and lectures. These classes cover a wide range of holistic health topics including yoga and Pilates, vegan and macrobiotic cooking classes, massage, meditation, integrative medicine and much more. Many of the classes have a broad appeal, while others are tailored for a vegan audience.

Because I eat a wide variety of foods I guess never thought about how challenging it must be for a vegan to cruise. To have access to food 24/7 and to know that most of it doesn’t meet your needs has to be disappointing.

Source: A Taste of Health

Apple Drops Green Program

I’m not what most would consider a “gadget guru”. I enjoy the convenience of technology but I don’t have to have the latest and greatest. I replace the gadgets that get broken but I will not buy a new item simply because it’s a newer model. In today’s society I’m probably in the minority as lots of people sleep outside and wait in long lines to buy new products when they hit the stores.

I wonder what those folks think about Apple’s decision to no longer comply with environmental standards set by EPEAT. EPEAT is a certifier and global registry for environmentally conscious electronics and is backed by the EPA. In the past Apple has held a gold rating from the organization.

Although there are two sides to every story, rumor has it that since MacBook batteries can no longer be removed the machines are unable to be recycled. Because of this the computers don’t meet EPEAT standards.

This move comes as a shock since Apple has spent so much time and energy “greening” its head quarters. Apple fans…..what do you think about this?


Wordless Wednesday


Friday’s Fun Fact

A researcher at the Universityof Arkansas has named a species of crustacean after late reggae music legend Bob Marley. Gnathia marleyi feeds on blood and infests certain fish that live among the coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea. The scientist that made the discovery says “I named this species, which is truly a natural wonder, after Marley because of my respect and admiration for Marley’s music.” Hmmmmmm…..not sure if I would want a blood sucking parasite named after me. Too bad you don’t get to reject the name if you decide you don’t want to be remembered in this way. Would you think it was an honor to have a species named after you, no matter what its role in the environment? Or would you pass on being honored in this way?

Source: Live Science

Wordless Wednesday

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