Eco-Friendly Celebrities

Given the popularity of television programs like TMZ and Inside Edition it seems like we can’t get enough of celebrity news. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite eco-friendly celebs and how they’re looking to raise environmental consciousness.

  1.  The Dave Matthews Band offsets pollution produced by their tours by funding projects including tree plantings and constructing wind farms.
  2. Harrison Ford, Vice Chairman of Conservation International, has a Central American ant named for him and has won awards for his environmental efforts.  
  3. Barenaked Ladies and Neil Young run their tour vehicles on biodiesel.
  4. Sting founded a Rainforest Foundation to protect rain forests and the indigenous residents that reside there.
  5. Brad Pitt founded a program to build green homes in New Orleans.
  6. Darryl Hannah owns a solar-powered farm in Colorado.
  7. Vegetarian and PETA supported Alicia Silverstone launched a  “green” website. Check out The Kind Life .
  8. Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson arrived at this years event donning a custom-made tuxedo made of hemp.
  9. Ed Begley Jr. lives in a home entirely powered by the sun and currently has a green living reality show on Planet titled, Living with Ed.
  10. Leonardo DiCaprio opts to fly on commercial flights instead of private jets, drives a hybrid and has an eco-friendly condo in NYC. 


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