Is the EPA essential?

Because the government shutdown has directly affected my family I have kept a close watch on its development. As the author of this blog I try to stay neutral, educational and non-partisan. This statement however caused my sustainability antennae to stand at attention. A member of the House of Representatives recently posted this tweet “There is some good news out of the shutdown, the EPA can’t issue new regulations.”

Here are the facts…..Only federal employees classified as “essential” can work during a government shutdown. At EPA, that means just 6.6 percent of its workforce. Of the agency’s 16,205 employees, only 1,069 will work through the shutdown. Does that mean that taxpayers employ 15,136 people at the EPA who are unnecessary?”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has taken one of the biggest hits of any federal agency during this shutdown, operating with under 7 percent of its employees, according to guidance issued by the agency.

My question to you…do you think that the work of the Environmental Protection Agency is essential? Necessary?



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