Meatless Monday

Happy New Year! Now to the long awaited return of Meatless Monday…..

So, my plan was to write a post detailing the health benefits of beans. But while doing some research I came across this paragraph in a Huffington Post article.

“We’ve all heard the expression “shop the perimeter of the store.” But if you skip the middle, you’re missing out on a wealth of wholesome, delicious food choices. Your supermarket shelves are filled with hidden treasures that you shouldn’t pass up. Like beans, one of the most neglected and under-valued items.”

I definitely fall into this trap of trying to shop the outside aisles in the grocery store. This made me wonder what other meatless goodies are lurking in aisles 2-20? Here is my list of “stuff” I venture into the abyss that is the center aisles to secure.

1. Nuts, they’re pretty healthy.

2.  Gluten free cereals like Chex Apple Cinnamon, as good as they taste they are probably not as healthy on paper as they are in my mind.

3.  Brown rice and quinoa, hot or cold, I love quinoa.

4. Frozen fruits and veggies, if you can’t buy them fresh this is a great substitute.

5. Whole kernel pop corn. Popcorn is my weakness and air-popped kernels fills the void when what I really want is the heart attack in the bag they sell at the movie theater.

This is a pretty short list but all that I could come up with that isn’t overly processed and full of ingredients I can’t pronounce. What am I overlooking? What are your center aisle favorites?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Be careful with the Chex and the popcorn if you are at all concerned about GMOs. Almost all US corn that is not organically produced is GMO these days.


  2. Thanks! This is a great reminder.


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