Meatless Monday

For my own personal reasons (I just don’t like them) I don’t eat avocados. It’s something about the texture and color that makes them unappealing to me. That being said I have no idea whether this article is accurate.

However, I do have lots of subscribers who are avocado aficionados and I am relying on them to comment and let me know if in fact they have noticed a change in this seasons yield. Apparently the avocado trees (they grow on trees?) in Southern California, which usually produce pear sized fruit, are yielding avocados the size of golf balls.

Avocados traditionally average a weight of 8 oz yet this year’s crop is weighing in 30% smaller, at roughly 5-6oz.  Why is this happening? Well you can blame it on the rain! The article states that an off growing year with low winter rainfall in early 2012, inconsistent bee activity during the spring bloom, and an abundance of unseasonably cool and cloudy weather in the year since; all add up to wimpy avocados.

The report goes on to say that although the avocados are smaller the taste and quality remains the same. So guacamole lovers unite and let me know what you think of the article…fact or fiction?


Photo: Tropical Florida Gardens


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  1. Posted by Lucia Paolucci on August 26, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    I believe the amount of rain we’ve had this year has affected fruit trees everywhere! I live in Marietta, GA and have a fig tree. This year the figs have been humongous compared to past years. The only difference has been the all the rain we’ve had so far.


  2. I have noticed at various times that the fruit is a bit smaller, but would not say on average that it has dropped to 5 oz.
    I do however, find the note about inconsistent bee pollination very interesting. The topic of decreased bee populations and the effect that it will have on our food system has recently been in the news frequently.


  3. Lucia do you eat the figs? Do they taste different this year?


  4. Chris..its interesting that you bring this up. The Sustainability is thinking about doing an event based on the “bee issue.”


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