Would you hire a goat?

Goats in a cemetery.The U.S. Government recent hired 58 goats to eat invasive plant species (kudzu, poison ivy and English ivy) at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C. These goats can clear almost ½ an acre per day. Without the goats it would be very difficult for modern machinery to navigate the rough terrain surrounding the cemetery.  It also saves money, the cost of the goats breaks down to $0.25 per goat/hour. Traditional weed removal would suggest resorting to pesticides which could easily reach the nearby Anacostia watershed. This natural solution reduces pollution as well as fertilizes the cemetery grounds.

I would love to see more natural methods of weed control around the Atlanta metro area. Think about all the kudzu and other invasives you see being mowed or choking the life out of native trees. I think the Gov’t got this one right!

Source:  National Geographic


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