Meatless Monday

In a turn of events for today’s Meatless Monday post I am not distributing information, but seeking it. I have heard so much about Kale Chips I want to know if they’re really as good as the internet makes them out to be. I like Kale in smoothies and sautéed/boiled, but I don’t know that any preparation would make Kale taste like a potato chips.

Yes, the reviews on the internet claim that spraying Kale with oil and baking it will make them as crispy and as tasty potato chips. I have a hard time believing this so…..for those of you that have tried Kale chips please let me know what you think. Did the internet get this right or is this a case of “believe none of what you hear and half of what you read?”




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  1. Posted by Kellye King on May 20, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    Personally, I love kale chips. They are easy to make and a very good snack. They are not like your potato chips, but they can satisfy a crunch and salt craving. Just make sure they are completely dry before baking. A little (spray) olive oil, sea salt, and paprika…she-bang, delicious…and cheap.


  2. Posted by Vickie on May 20, 2013 at 11:43 AM

    My daughter and I have made the kale chips. We mixed some spices (of which I do not remember) with olive oil and drizzled over the leaves before baking. I love them, my daughter did not because the spices were not evenly distributed on the leaves and did not like the sudden burst of spice flavor. And she is not too keen on the taste of olive oil either. But I thoroughly enjoyed them. They do come out crispy similar to chips.


    • Thanks Vickie….this makes me think the internet reviews were correct. I’ll have to wait until we get fresh kale to try this. Our kale is already frozen for use in smoothies.


  3. I’m with Kellye in that they don’t taste like potato chips, but definitely give you the reward of the crisp (when done right) and crunchy snack, and so much better for you than potato chips. I find that the seasonings distribute better if I get my hands into it and smash things up a bit. Kale is tough, it can take a little roughness. It is important to completely dry the kale leaves before baking or you get a chip that isn’t crisp, but more the texture of a stale chip. Bleh… My personal favorite is a little olive oil and sea salt and garlic powder. But have tried other seasonings and like most of those too.

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