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How Not to Go Green

Although Earth Day has passed I thought these tips were relevant for any day. Don’t forget the Office of Sustainability will host a “post” Earth Day Display in the Socrates Café on May 14th  from 10:30am to 2:00pm. This year the theme for our display will be “Eat Local, Think Global.” Learn about the benefits of buying local goods and have the chance to win a “Made in Georgia” basket filled with products made in the Peach State. For more information contact Shannan George (

  • Don’t spend twenty minutes in your idling car composing the perfect Earth Day tweet.
  • Driving ‘green’ doesn’t mean eating a salad while you cruise at 95mph in the HOV lane.
  • Don’t walk to work to reduce emissions only to end up snagging lunch at Micky D’s or Subway.
  • Reconsider riding your electric bike to your sales job at the Humvee dealership.
  • Pass on buying that 92-inch flat screen TV to watch all of NBC’s ‘Green Week‘ programming.
  • Don’t use all the energy created by your rooftop solar panels to power your single-cup espresso maker.
  • Perhaps you didn’t need to dry clean all of your 37 suits so you’d have fashion choices for your lunchtime ‘Earth Day’ talk to your co-workers.
  • Don’t use 3 rolls of paper towels to clean the windows of your thrift shop so people can read your Earth Day signage.
  • Remember: making your loser cousins sit at another table for family dinners doesn’t classify as separating your trash.

Source: Alternative Consumer