Virginia “LEEDS” the pack

I was born and raised in Virginia so this article immediately caught my eye. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), home of the LEED green building certification program, announced the top 10 states for LEED certified buildings in 2012 as measured by the amount of LEED certified space per resident.  LEED which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a means of verifying that a building(s) was designed and built in a way that would improve energy savings, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and CO2 emissions reduction.

2012 Top 10 States for LEED (plus the District of Columbia)

  1. District of Columbia – 36.97 per-capita square footage
  2. Virginia – 3.71
  3. Colorado – 2.10
  4. Massachusetts – 2.05
  5. Illinois – 1.94
  6. Maryland – 1.90
  7. New York – 1.77
  8. Washington – 1.56
  9. California – 1.46
  10. Texas – 1.43
  11. Nevada – 1.39

Although Virginia is the highest ranked “state” with 3.71 square feet of LEED certified space per, the District of Columbia is off the charts at 36.97 square feet per resident. This is mainly due to the fact that D.C. is home to the USGBC headquarters and green building one of President Obama’s focal points.  So actually we’re #2 on the list…but we’ll take it.

It should also be noted that Georgia was not listed in the top 10 and I was unable to find out the rankings past #10. No matter where the state of Georgia falls on this list, Life University is going its part with two LEED Gold certified buildings, the Socrates Café and Life’s Village Retreat.

Source: MNN and USGBC

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