Let Your Voice Be Heard

 Have you ever wished  ________ was closer to campus? You can fill in this blank with a number of things, and if you have ever had this thought you should attend this meeting and let your voice be heard. Let the project reps know what you’d like to see as they make plans redevelop the area around campus.  

Students, staff, faculty and alumni of Life and Southern Polytechnic State universities, residents, and business and property owners are invited to give feedback about a study that will redevelop Cobb Parkway and South Marietta Parkway, increase visibility of Life and Southern Polytechnic State universities and help to connect the universities with the surrounding community.

Representatives from the city of Marietta, Southern Polytechnic State University and Life University will hold a public information meeting Dec. 13 from 4-6 p.m. at Life University’s Center for Chiropractic Education (CCE) Building, Room 149.

Speakers will discuss the study’s initial findings including the area’s design, land use, transportation, and market conditions and trends. The meeting is the first of four that will be held to receive public feedback about the study.

Visit this website for more details.

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