Interview with a small business owner- Eco Salon and Spa

I think it’s great when I come across a small business owner doing good things for the environment. Not because of regulations, but because it’s the right thing to do. Kristina Green, owner of Eco Salon and Spa has discovered that a little environmental stewardship can go a long way.

eco salon and spas - environmentally conscious salon and spa

Tell me about your business.

Eco Salon and Spa is a full service salon/ spa with an upscale atmosphere @ an affordable price.

Even the name of your salon reinforces your commitment to the environment. As a small business owner what prompted you to go green?

I feel that no matter how small, every effort counts. I love and appreciate the beauty of our planet. A journey of many miles begins with a single step. Together, small business owners can have a positive impact on our environment.

Your website mentions that your 5-year goal is to become completely Eco-Friendly. That’s a pretty commendable goal. How do you plan to accomplish this?

Our 5 year goal: We are continuously looking for ways to improve our environmental contributions. Our plan includes eliminating paper magazines in the salon by replacing them with tablets (like the Kindle), Adding an in house filtration system that would allow us to conserve water use, and partnering with our vendors to host events that will raise awareness.
What challenges have you faced in finding eco-friendly hair and skin care products?

Finding eco friendly skin and hair products hasn’t been as challenging as it may seem. Many manufacturers are aware of the evolving mindset of the average consumer, and they are developing products to fill the desires of these consumers. All of our products are not completely organic, however, they are all environmentally conscious. The packaging is able to be recycled and none of the products are tested on animals.

Have you always been eco-conscious, for example do you recycle/compost at home?

I have not always been eco-conscious. Over the years I have grown to appreciate the beauty of our planet. I have realized that small efforts can make a big difference. I have children now and I would like to leave a healthy planet for them and their children to enjoy. I do recycle at home, but no compost. Not yet.

What type of feedback have you been receiving from your customers regarding your environmentally themed salon? How do you involve your clients in reaching your goals?

My clients love that we are concerned about the environment. We involve them with our recycle program. We sell an organic oil that is a part of our regimen. All of our clients have this oil and must cover their hair with it prior to their appointments @ the salon. The bottles that we use to package the oil costs us about .25 each, but if our clients return the bottles for refills instead of purchasing new ones, we give them a $1.00 off discount.

Change is not always easy….or convenient….what tips do you have for other companies that would like to “go green” ?

My advice to other companies is to start small. Make small changes that you know you can be consistent with. Once you make the small change a habit, move to the next change.

How has going green improved your business?

Going green has improved my business, because people like to support those who take responsibility for the planet. People like to support good causes. My customers are proud to say that they are a part of our movement.

Anything you would like to add?
I would just like to add a thank you to you, for taking the time to focus on our company. Thank you for caring about the planet, and thank you for highlighting our efforts.

Read more of Kristina’s Story at and remember If you know of a small business owner doing great things for the environment contact the Office of Sustainability. We’d love to share their story!

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