Feature Friday

In the spirit of recycling the Purchasing Department is requesting that you return all unused Interdepartmental Delivery envelopes to their office for recirculation. So what do you mean by unused? Well every department needs folders on hand to send mail, but if you have an abundance of envelopes (i.e., a box of envelopes in your copy room that no one uses) they can be shared with other departments who are in need. How do I get them to purchasing? Please place a post-it on the envelopes that says “RECYCLE” and leave them for Mel Burton to collect when he services your area. If you have questions please contact Shannan George, shannan.george@life.edu or x4339.

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  1. Posted by Jacqueline Jackson on June 28, 2012 at 11:43 AM

    Very interesting, this is worth reading and healthy!!! SMiles are LIFE!!!


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