And the winner is…..

Here are the answers from Friday’s  giveaway.

  1. What type of driver are you?

a.  Aggressive

b.  Calm and collected

c.  Somewhere in between

Aggressive acceleration, speeding and hard braking at traffic lights or stop signs can deflate your highway gas mileage by up to 33%.

 2.  You’re hosting a cookout and need to stock up on beer.  At the store, you fill your cart with:

a.  Cans

b.  Bottles

c.  A keg

For big bashes, buying a keg and serving beer in reusable cups creates the least waste. Aluminum is the next best choice, its lightweight and easily recycled, landing back on store shelves in 60 days or less. Glass while also recyclable, is heavier, which means more fuel to transport it.

 3.  After mowing the lawn, what do you do with the clippings?

a.  Leave them in the yard

b.  Bag them and put them out by the curb

Annually Americans produce millions of tons of leaf and grass clippings; some end up in landfills. In most cases, leaving the grass on your lawn is not only greener; as the clippings decompose they actually make the soil healthier.

Congratulations to Pat Gilbert!

 Thanks to all who participated!


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