And the winner is…..

Here are the answers from Friday’s  giveaway.

1. Its lunchtime and you’re late for a meeting so you’re reduced to eating fast food. Do you:

a.  Order at the drive-through


b.  Park and head inside to place your order

Idling for 10 seconds or longer burns more gas than restarting the engine!

2.  So to make up for your fast food lunch, its time for a healthy dinner, salmon. At the fish counter , you choose:

a. Atlantic

b.  Wild caught,Oregon or California

c.  Neither you skip the fish counter and buy canned

Canned salmon comes mainly from wild Alaskan waters ;many salmon from other US states are considered endangered or threatened. And “Atlantic” usually means “farmed”, a process that has been associated with chemical usage and unsustainable fishing practices.

 These questions stumped everyone (including me) except Lucia Paolucci! I wonder how she knew canned salmon was better for the environment? I’ve always though that wild caught fish from the West Coast was more sustainable.

 Thanks to all who participated!

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