LIFE University CARE Committee Update

Drought tolerant grass

In July, the CARE (Chemical Assessment and Review for the Environment) Committee was formed to review the use or application of landscape, maintenance, and cleaning chemicals on Life University’s campus and to investigate alternative measures.  

 This committee, comprised of faculty, staff and students, has been hard at work.  

 Most recently several members of the group visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Piedmont Park and Agnes Scott College to develop community relationships and to share ideas about sustainable landscaping. The take home message from these brainstorming sessions is that sustainable landscaping includes both the limitation of inputs and the development of spaces that are environmentally conscious, emphasize health and longevity, and requires the minimal use of resources such as fertilizers, pesticides, fossil fuels and water.  

 The committee now plans to review each chemical currently used at LIFE and seek possible alternatives, all in an effort to move our community towards A Sustainable LIFE.   We’ll keep you “posted”… 

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  1. Posted by Melanie on December 6, 2011 at 4:54 PM

    Awesome. Considering companion gardening, organic landscaping, etc. might be of worth to review, seeing how we are supposed to be setting the standard.


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