The NFL comes to Los Angeles

Being that football season is in full swing…and I’m a football fan I thought this article was pretty interesting. Both the NBA Clippers and the MLB Dodgers call Los Angeles home but the city doesn’t have an NFL team to call its own. That will soon change as the city prepares to build Farmers Field, the NFL’s greenest stadium.

The field which is slated to open in 2015 will be the first NFL stadium to receive LEED certification. When the California State Assembly passed a bill allowing the stadium to be built they also added provisions which requires the facility to be carbon neutral; including the emissions generated by fans traveling to and from the stadium by car.

 The company responsible for construction plans to have the lowest “cars per football game ticket holder” ratio of any NFL stadium and will seek on-site and regional alternative energy projects versus simply purchasing carbon credits.

I can’t wait to see how the stadium reaches their sustainability goals…..or who the lucky team may be. Football and sustainability, a perfect reason for me to visit LA. Stay tuned.  

Photo: In The Pen

Source: Earth 911

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