The Georgia Aquarium thanks Betty White for being a “friend”

Anyone who knows me well knows that the Golden Girls is by far still my favorite television show. So this article was a no-brainer for today’s feature. The Georgia Aquarium has named its new dolphin mascot “Betty” after Betty White. A lifelong animal lover and conservationist this honor was not bestowed upon White without justification. For example, White was so moved by a visit to the Aquarium in 2010 that she dedicated a chapter in her book to the visit.

She believes that “Places like [the aquarium] are sending such a wonderful message. I always get a little discouraged when people say about zoos and aquariums, ‘They shouldn’t take animals out of their natural environment.’ But what have we done to their natural environment? It doesn’t exist anymore. The people have taken over. But a facility like this, they’re sending a message – appreciate the wildlife.”

Go Betty, thank you for being a friend (to the animals)!!!!!

Source: Ecorazzi

Photo: Zoo and Aquarium Visitor

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