Meatless Monday

Top 10 Vegetarian Countries

If you’re looking for vegetarian fare internationally, try these countries….

10. Canada–Toronto, arguably the most diverse city in the world, features vegetarian influences from various counties.  

9. Israel– Israeli eateries are often Kosher and do not sell pork or shellfish. Due to Kosher laws most food prepared in restaurants will not combine milk and meat. Vegetarian favorites here include falafel and hummus.

8.  Hong Kong –  Food found in Hong Kong is influenced by British, Chinese, Indian and some Western cultures. Health is also very big in Hong Kong, fostering vegetarianism.

7. United States– Large cities like New York, San Francisco and Chicago give vegetarians lots of options, which are not as abundant in the South and Southwestern parts of the country.

6. Thailand– Many Thai dishes are served with rice or noodles, are meat-free and loaded with veggies.

5. Taiwan– Has an abundance of vegetarian treats but language barriers are often a problem for tourists.

4. United Kingdom– The UK features restaurants with an abundance of veggie options and vegetarian foods in supermarkets are often clearly labeled.

3. Vietnam– Veggie Pho noodle dishes are a must have inVietnam.

2. Malaysia– Another country influenced by many cultures,Malaysia is known for its vegetarian curry dishes.

1. India– 20-40% of the Indian population is vegetarian, that’s more than any other country in the world. Of course the veggie choices in India are plentiful and delicious.


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