Casual Tuesday’s ???

Many companies have implemented “casual Friday’s”. This is the one day of the week that employees, who usually dress in suits and ties, get to wear more relaxed, less formal attire. I have always heard that casual Friday’s boost employee morale and that being comfortable allows the creative juices to flow.


Well today I learned of a different reason to institute dress down days. Employees of Japan’s Ministry of the Environment are dressing down to conserve energy and prevent electricity shortages in light of its nuclear crisis.

Starting on June 1, the program called the Cool Biz campaign, calls for office temperatures to be set at 82° Fahrenheit and for a no-suit, no-tie dress code. There is also a SUPER Biz Campaign which goes an extra step by starting on May 1, and relaxes the dress code even further by allowing employees to wear t-shirts, polo style shirts, sneakers and jeans (but does not allow athletic wear, shorts or flip-flops).

 Although not to the degree of the Ministry of the Environment, other companies across Japan have adopted similar policies. What are your thoughts on the program? If this were implemented at your place of employment how well would it be received? Would you “scare” your customers away?

Source: Earth 911

Photo: D. Scott Abbott

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