How to save money at the gas pump

gas pump

I have stopped looking at gas prices; I just purchase it when I need it. Has money become no object to me? Not even close, but my sanity is important and constantly watching prices rise was taxing my mental health. One thing I am doing is taking steps to save money on gasoline. There are the obvious tips like reducing your driving time, carpooling or biking but here are some tips you may not be aware of…or may have slipped your mind.


  1. Take your time – For every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph you’re essentially paying an extra 24¢ per gallon of gas. To avoid this try using cruise control and maintain a constant speed.
  2. Keep your “road rage” in check – Aggressive driving, speeding, swerving, impulsive acceleration and braking can lower your highway gas mileage 33% and city mileage 5%. Revving your engine also increases these numbers….
  3. Roll down the windows???? – Please use this tip at your own discretion, not sure how well this will work in Georgia. Air condition can empty your tank at an alarming rate so use it wisely. Don’t leave it on when you don’t need it and never while the windows are down…even cracked. On the other hand when driving over 55 mph for long periods (think road trip) having the windows open increases air resistance and decreases fuel efficiency. Using the AC on road trips can actually improve gas mileage by up to 20%.
  4. MOVE – Not only is idling bad for the environment it’s also bad for your pockets.
  5. Tune it up – Repairing a car that needs a tune up, has a bad oxygen sensor, and changing your oil can boost your fuel efficiency.
  6. Pump it up – Keeping your tires properly inflated can improve gas mileage by more than 3%. The makes for a safer ride and extends the life of your tires. Making sure your tires are aligned is also a good idea.
  7. Drop the weight – Carrying extra weight means burning more gasoline.  For every extra 100 pounds your fuel efficiency is cut by 2%. So while most of us aren’t hauling 100 extra pounds of “stuff” you may be carrying something in your trunk that you could remove to reduce the weight of your vehicle. Every little bit helps.
  8. Cap it – Make sure your gas cap has a secure fit and is tightened after each fill-up. If you don’t have a gas cap…make sure you replace it ASAP.

Source: Mother Nature Network

Photo: Washington State

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