More than you ever wanted to know about Glass

As an Environmental Scientist I try to keep up with recycling trends, exciting right? Well maybe not to an accountant but to me its very important to understand why there is a market for recycling some materials and not for others. During my research I always find interesting tidbits about common, everyday items and my latest find was about glass.

 Did you know…..

  • It’s renewable resource!! Glass is one of the only materials that can by recycled forever (literally) without losing strength or integrity.
  • Brown glass absorbs the most UV radiation so it offers protection from damaging light. Since the taste of beer could be soured by light absorption it is found in brown bottles.
  • Green glass has some light protection and is used to bottled wines and juices since these beverages can stand some light absorption.
  • Clear glass is used for sauces, alcohol and water since they are not affected by light.
  • Because of these differences it is necessary for bottles to be separated by color at the recycling center. Mixing colors will result in a tint on clear glass.
  • Glass is used to bottle many liquids because it is inert…meaning it lacks chemical reactions. Bottom line…it will not affect the taste of the product.
  • Its transparent, tamper resistant, non porous and will not deteriorate or stain. So its safe and sturdy.
  • The glass industry is moving towards more lightweight bottles which uses less glass and reduces carbon emissions through transport.

 Source: Earth 911

Photo: Flickr


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