Considering a Verizon iPhone 4?

If you have been watching the news you know that yesterday, Verizon introduced its iPhone 4 in stores.  From personal experience, I know that when I get a new cell phone (or any electronic device for that matter) if I don’t recycle it right away it eventually ends up in the trash. If you’re thinking of upgrading an electronic device there are plenty of reuse/recycle opportunities.

There are always traditional e-waste drop off centers that accept a wide range of electronic devices from computers to televisions. However, if you decide to sell your device there are websites like eBay which include shipping your device. Sometimes the time, effort and costs associated with shipping and handling are prohibitive.

Another option is NextWorth which can be found online or in over 800 Target stores across the nation. In the case of the iPhone (and other popular phones) customers can trade in old phones to get credit towards a new phone or get a Target gift card.   

Local NextWorth locations include:

TARGET 1197 – Atlanta
3535 Peachtree Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA 30326
Phone: 4048140074

TARGET 1964 – Atlanta
1275 Caroline St Ne
Atlanta, GA 30307
Phone: 4045251009

TARGET 2443 – Alpharetta
2600 Holcomb Bridge Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Phone: 7706490011

NextWorth seems like an easy way to get credit towards a new phone and  to keep our landfills free of electronic devices? Have you tried NextWorth? If so, tell us about your experience.

Congratulations to Lucia Paolucci of the Executive Office the winner Wednesday’s trivia question. Stay tuned for more opportunities to win.


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