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Market view of plastic soda bottles.

We have previously explored taxing different consumer items (plastic bags for example). But what about food and drink? Mother Nature Network profiled a segment from the Today Show titled “Is taxing soda a good idea?” It talks about how many empty calories and sugar the average American gets from soft drinks each year and how that amount may be reduced by adding taxes. The panelists suggest a 1¢ tax for each container oz. For example, a 40 oz. drink would be taxed an additional 40¢ a 16 oz. drink, 16¢. Although I don’t drink soda (I stopped due to athletics…and never went back to it) I don’t know that a tax would necessarily reduce sugary drink consumption. Take a look at this clip and tell me what you think? Soda drinkers…would this make you think twice about purchasing soda? If it wouldn’t stop you, would you buy a smaller sized drink to reduce the tax?

Photo Source: How Stuff Works