Meatless Monday Update


Sorry Guys….I missed my Meatless Monday entry yesterday. Well as you know I had oatmeal for breakfast but for lunch I had a veggie quesadilla from La Parilla. It was awesome. I had no idea that meatless meals could be so delicious. For dinner I had cereal….which has (for some unknown  reason) become staple in my diet.   

I do have a question for my male readers…..I have heard  from lots of ladies who have embraced meatless meals, but not so much from males. I hear from a lot of married couples that wives have a hard time convincing their husbands to try veggie meals. Guys….do veggies not fill you up? Reluctant to change? Tell me what you think about Meatless Monday’s and why you would or why you would not try vegetarian meals?


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