Happy Campus Sustainability Day!!

Join Life University as we celebrate the 8th Campus Sustainability Day! Campus Sustainability Day will be celebrated on hundreds of college and university campuses on today, Wednesday, October 20, 2010. The theme for this year is “Is Your Campus Sustainable? How Do You Know?”

My response would be that our campus is making great strides towards making less of an impact on the environment. Are we completely sustainable? NO! But we are working hard towards reaching our goals. This is evident all over campus including….

  •  The Socrates Café. Our café features conservation through trayless dining, and carbon emission reduction through the use of local vendors and organic products.  
  • The addition on greenspace. While not popular with regard to parking, studies show that 16 times more stormwater runoff is produced by a one-acre parking lot compared to a one-acre meadow. 
  • Recycling. Life currently recycles paper, plastic, aluminum and toner cartridges. The average American creates about 4.7 pounds of waste every single day, much of which is recyclable.
  • Carpool Program. Most cars on U.S. roads carry only one person. We have so much extra room in our 140 million cars that everyone in Western Europe could ride with us.

 So I’ll pose the question to you….“Is Your Campus Sustainable? How Do You Know?”


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