NBA & NFL GO Green

Meatless Monday update: I successfully completed my first Meatless Monday. Oatmeal for breakfast, veggie pizza for lunch and veggies for dinner (leftovers from Sunday). Not bad (If I must say so myself) for my first attempt at a day without meat. A couple people suggested that I focus on what I could eat, rather than would I couldn’t eat and that really made the difference for me. I’m actually looking forward to next Monday!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program……

The 2011 NBA season will be a little more eco-friendly as they have unveiled a new lighter, faster-drying jersey made from 60% recycled materials. The new jerseys are part of a system called the Revolution 30.


Not to be outdone by the NBA, the NFL’s N.Y. Jets have placed more than 3,000 solar panels on the roof of their team headquarters and training facility located in Florham, Park, New Jersey. The new solar system will provide the facility with 750,000 kwh of energy annually, saving the team tens of thousands of dollars. The project will reduce CO2 emissions by 540 MT a year, about the equivalent of taking over 100 cars off the road A statement by team official says that “this project is the first of many green initiatives on behalf of the team, and we are proud to be green in color and also in deed.” Im traditionally a Steelers fan but in this case…GO Jets!!!!



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