Meatless Mondays

Today begins my Meatless Monday journey. Last night I politely placed the turkey bacon in the back of the fridge so that I wouldn’t be tempted (or simply forget) this morning. So my day started with the usual bowl of oatmeal sans the bacon.

Lunch is still up in the air…but I did make enough veggies for Sunday dinner that I have left-overs for tonight. I think the biggest key to my Meatless Monday success will be planning ahead and not waiting until I’m starving to find a meal. So what do you plan to eat on this Meatless Monday? Share your ideas and thoughts.

As I read more about vegetarian meals a lot of different terms arise. Let’s explore the different types of vegetarians……

 Vegan. Strictest of all, eats only plant products.

Lacto-vegetarian. Eats dairy products along with a plant-based diet.

Ovo-vegetarian. Eats eggs along with a plant-based diet.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian (the most common type). Eats both dairy products and eggs.

Pesco-vegetarian. Eats fish along with a plant-based diet.

Flexitarian. While there’s no formal definition, this generally refers to a lacto-ovo vegetarian who occasionally eats meat, fish, or poultry. Sometimes called semi-vegetarian.

No matter what classification you choose to identify with, you’re choosing a healthier lifestyle. Your body and the planet, Thank You!


Image: Ohio Wesleyan University

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