Remove stains with natural ingredients

Instead of buying harsh commercial products try these basic ingredients (baking soda, lemon juice, club soda and egg yolks) to remove stubborn stains from a variety of fabrics…..

Grass Stains

First, brush away as much grass, dirt and mud as possible. Now rub molasses into the stain and let the fabric sit for 8 to 10 hours, then wash as usual.

Coffee Stains

Blot the coffee from the fabric, then beat an egg yolk in cold water and spread it over the stain. Rinse fabric with cold water and (repeat if necessary) let it dry. You can try baking soda or white vinegar if you’re out of eggs.

Stains on reusable plastic (think pasta sauce)

Pre-wash plastic and then apply lemon juice or baking soda to the stain. Place the container outside in direct sunlight and let it sit until the stain has faded. Rinse with cold water and repeat as necessary. 

Oil stains on fabric

On a fresh stain, soak up the grease from the fabric and sprinkle with chalk dust or corn starch. For tougher stains, dab rubbing alcohol on the fabric before washing.

Color stains (think berries, wine)

Blot as much liquid as possible then soak the stained area in lemon juice or white vinegar. For red wine, soak the stain in club soda, milk or white wine to remove the color.


To remove gum from clothes put the fabric in the freezer, wait until the gum is frozen and then pull it off the cloth.

Thanks to the for these tips.

Photo: How Cast


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