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Green Apps for Droid Users

As I think about ads and products that I have seen for smartphones they are mostly geared towards the iPhone. But there are lots of other choices including the Android. Here some popular Green Apps for the Android Market.

  • iamgreen (also available for Blackberry and the iPhone) 

This app teaches you to change the phone’s settings to maximize battery life while saving energy, time and money. As an added bonus a tree is planted for every download. Price: $2.99

CauseWorld allows you to donate to green causes by going into stores that you already frequent. You walk into a participating store, check-in on your phone and earn points. Once your points add up you can donate them to the green cause of your choice. Price: Free

The Seasonal Harvest app helps you to locate locally grown food. This app will tell you what foods are in season and great dinner recipes. You can also search state by state for farmer’s markets. Price: The full app is $1.99 and there is a free version which provides less information.

  • SugarTrip  (also available for the iPhone)

SugarTrip allows you to decrease your carbon footprint by helping you avoid traffic jams, saving emissions and reducing your commute time. This app has not been released but you can sign-up now! Price: Free


Photo: Camera Phone Plaza