E-Book enthusiasts …What’s your story?

I was in a workshop recently where I saw a colleague reading an electronic book, on some sort of digital book reader. Unfortunately I’m not up to speed on e-book technology so I was unable to determine what type of device she was using. I thought it was an interesting concept but didn’t think about it again until reading an article in The Daily Green

The article points out that e-books have outsold paper copies on Amazon.com, and asks if this is good for the environment? My initial though was of course….you’re saving millions of trees. (Note: The actual number of trees saved annually was 125,000). But as I read further the article references a report by the Cleantech Group which looked at the environmental impact of the Amazon Kindle, an e-reader.

The report found that the carbon emitted in the lifecycle of the Kindle would be fully offset in one year and any additional years of use would result in carbon savings. Skeptics say that because the number of e-readers sold each year is relatively low (compared to traditional books) and that the resources used to produce e-readers is unknown, the jury is still out.

Tell us what you think. With all things considered, do you think that e-readers have less of an environmental impact than printed books? If you’re an e-book aficionado, why did you make the switch? Students, how would feel about electronic textbooks?

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