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Takeout Containers: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Daily Green  has devised a list of the best (and worst) takeout containers in terms of the environment. As I read the article the first thing that came to mind was the aluminum container in our fridge that holds leftovers from our favorite Mexican Restaurant. I also often wonder about how much pollution is caused by those cute little boxes from Chinese restaurants. But I was surprised to learn of other containers which are bad for the environment.

1 Pint Chinese / Asian Take out Container 500/CS

  1. Styrofoam (clamshell packaging, soup containers, coffee cups)-The Worst 
  2. Plastic Containers (deli salad containers, yogurt cups, ice cream dishes) 
  3. Plastic/Paper Bags (no explanation needed) 
  4. Cardboard Boxes (chinese take-out, birthday cake) 
  5. Bio-Products (Socrates Café) 
  6. Aluminum Foil (burrito wrapping, baked potatoes) 
  7. Recycled Paper Products (napkins, paper towels) 
  8. Edible Containers made from food (bread bowl, ice cream cone, tortilla bowl/taco salad) 
  9. Inedible containers made from food (banana leaves, cornhusk wrapped tamale) 
  10. Bring Your Own (canvas bags, tupperware)-The Best


 As with any product there is good and bad….pros and cons. But how often do you consider how your food is packaged? Have you ever thought to ask that your baked potato come to your table aluminum foil free…or to bring your own container to the salad bar?

Photos: The WebstaurantStore, Keetsa