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Trash is to be recovered from the sea

Electrolux has long been a staple in the appliance industry. The company is looking to remain a contender by initiating the “Vac from the Sea Project” , taking plastics from the ocean to use them as material in their vacuum cleaners. Electrolux officials state that manufacturers complain about the lack of recycled plastic from land when the ocean is full of surplus material.

The plastic will be recovered by experts and volunteer divers form locations in the Pacific Indian and Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic, Mediterranean and North Sea. The methods of capture will vary from diving in after it to scooping it up from waves.

Electrolux’s “green” products currently contain up to 70% recycled plastic and their goal is 100%. Do you think its possible to make an affordable appliance with 100% recycled plastic?

 Check out this video which explains the program.

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