Clean and Green

It’s a Saturday morning driveway ritual throughout America, washing your vehicle. Did you know that this is one of the worst things you can do to the environment? Washing your car sends an average of 80-140 gallons of water carrying break dust, oil, gasoline, detergents, tar and other contaminants into storm drains. This water then flows UNTREATED into lakes and streams.

How do you keep the environment clean….while cleaning your vehicle? Its simple. Move your car from the driveway (or hard pavement) to the lawn or gravel surface where the water is absorbed into the ground. The contaminants are still there….but the soil will filter out the pollutants leaving cleaner ground water.

Washing your car on a porous pavement not an option?  Try a biodegradable or phosphate-free soap or a newer waterless product which are now on the market.

What’s even better? Taking your vehicle to a commercial car wash facility is the best option. Automatic car washes on average use half the water as a DIY wash and commercial car washes are bound by law to route their water to sewer systems where the water is treated before returning to water bodies. Some car washes even recycle most of the water used at the facility. 

If your organization usually raises money by washing cars, think about selling coupons or vouchers to local commercial car wash facilities….you’ll raise money and protect the environment.

 Thanks to The Seattle Times for this info


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