Green Grass Lovers Unite

Keeping your grass green in the middle of the summer in Georgia can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned “green thumb”.  Water stressed lawns quickly turn brown and succumb to the summer sun. So to overcome this people use sprinklers and irrigation systems to water their GRASS. But you see it your neighborhood…at the shopping center… your job….sprinklers watering the CONCRETE.

watersidewalk Do One Thing: Stop Watering The Sidewalk.

 If you plan to water your lawn, remember these tips……

  • If you use a sprinkler make sure to position it so that the majority of the water reaches your grass and plants.
  • Consider a sprinkler with a timer to avoid watering during the hottest part of the day when water will evaporate before it can reach the roots of the grass. Some timers even include a rain delay so that you can take advantage of a gift from Mother Nature.
  • If you find that you’ve adjusted your sprinklers and you’re still watering the concrete…try collecting the “concrete” water in buckets and use it to water indoor plants. Or you can move your car onto the concrete that’s being watered and enjoy the carwash.

 Thanks to Good Human the info!


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