Coffee Drinkers….this Post is for You

After oil, coffee is the second most globally traded commodity.  Rainforests and the habitats of endangered species are often cleared to make room for this cash crop. So how do you make certain that your morning cup of Joe is not contributing to the degradation of the environment?

Fresh Coffee!

Choose Shade Grown….or Bird Friendly coffee beans. These coffee beans have been grown on plantations with a natural tree canopy above the fields. The shade provided by tree cover allows orchids, insects, reptiles, small mammals (bats) and birds to flourish.

There is a certification process that coffee farmers must complete for their beans to be considered shade grown. Unfortunately this process can be expensive causing many farmers to forgo the process and causing the beans to be pricey.

 If you buy popular commercial blends as most of us do (think Maxwell House and Folgers) there is no way to know where the coffee beans originated. But all is not lost, you can still make your coffee drinking experience a little more “green”.

Conserve resources by eliminating the use of disposal cups/lids, stir-sticks and filters in your home or office. Fill up with a reusable mug or….if you forget, use a disposable cup, wash it and reuse again. Most disposable coffee cups and lids can be used several times before they are thrown away.

 Thanks to Go Green Street for bringing this to our attention.

Image: Coffee Bean Direct


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