Sports Go Green

From NASCAR to MLB the sporting world is recognizing the benefits of being eco-friendly. Cooler Planet describes  how the sports world is taking strides to make our planet a cleaner place to live.

 The Formula One industry (think Mario Andretti) is testing out hybrids and biofuels and Indy cars are using ethanol in their fuel. When used as a gasoline additive, ethanol reduces the amount of gasoline burned and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

 Major League Baseball has teamed up with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to create the Team Greening Program. This program is aimed at supporting the eco-friendly practices of each team. The NRDC uses a software program to guide teams in each aspect of their efforts including energy use, purchasing, concession operations, water use, recycling and transportation. Each baseball season is 162 games…think of all the frequent flyer miles are racked up each season. If this program is a success (and we hope it is) it would save tons of emissions and be a model for other professional sports.

 Not to be outdone by the boys of summer, the NFL has made efforts to green their main attraction, the Super Bowl. In 2007 scientists estimated that Super Bowl XLI in Miami, FL would emit over 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide. In an effort to offset this pollution the NFL planted 3,000 in the Miami area.

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