Be Green on the Go

Its here….summer vacation. As you travel this summer take your “green” habits with you. The EPA asks travelers make an effort to stay in environmentally conscious hotels and to be environmentally friendly once you arrive.

Most of us are very aware of rising energy costs and power bills. We would never leave our homes without turning off lights and the television, but we often forget when we’re in hotels.

 Once you arrive at the hotel remember to:

  • Turn off the lights and TV when leaving the room
  • Adjust the thermostat so the system is not cooling an empty room
  • Unplug electronics such as cell phone chargers and laptops when not in use
  • Open the curtains to enjoy natural lighting
  • Re-use linens to save water and energy

The EPA estimates that the lodging industry spends $7.5 billion on energy.  A 10% reduction would save $750 million and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6 million tons. Energy Star labeled hotels work hard to minimize their carbon footprint and are verified to meet EPA energy efficiency performance levels. They perform in the top 25% of hotels nationwide, use %35 less energy and emit %35 less emissions than other hotels.

Remember these facts when choosing hotels as you get out and about to enjoy the summer sun.

 Click here to find an Energy Star hotel or check out the  Energy Star hospitality program for more information.

 Thanks to the Baltimore Sun for keeping us informed.


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