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Easy Bake Ovens…say it ain’t so

It seems as though the traditional Easy Bake Ovens which hit the market in 1963, use a 100-watt incandescent light bulb to produce the heat need to bake. (Remember 90% of the energy produced by an incandescent bulb is lost to heat…rather than to light). Well in 2012 new energy efficiency lighting standards will take effect and these bulbs will no longer be available. (More on these standards next week).

 So Hasbro has decided to “upgrade” the popular toys with the introduction of the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven which uses a more energy efficient heating element. So these toys will not necessarily become extinct…but changed forever.

At least I can say I remember when. What did you make in your easy bake oven? Did you have any idea that new lighting standards were on the horizon?

Source: Mother Nature Network

Photo: The David Blahg


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